1. Product management in startups, and what to do when you’re stuck trying to determine what metric even matters rather than how to make it go in the direction you want
  2. Executive alignment, and the importance of understanding how key stakeholders like to communicate
  3. Imposter Syndrome, and how to get over it
  4. How to break down walls and objections with stakeholders through collaboration and shared discovery
  5. The importance of keeping users at the heart of your decisions, and how to do that as a new startup that may not have a large user base yet

When stakeholder relations get rocky, try these techniques for getting them on your side.

Photo: Stijn Swinnen/Unsplash

Why the first thing to do when you’ve got a new idea is to build nothing: three practical steps to validate ideas and start strong

Empathy could be the difference between big profits and going out of business

Photo: Josh Calabrese/Unsplash

Ashley Wali

Product leader @discuss.io. Inspired by @adilwali, our 2 boys, & the beauty of the PNW. Passionate about gender equality, travel, & weekends at home.

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